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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Search Engine Positioning Techniques - Unique Page Titles

To ensure search engine visibility and traffic, make sure every page on your web site features a unique page title.  The page title is found in HTML at the very top of the page code, in the head section.  You will notice the title of the html page below is highlighted "Title of the document."

If you would like to maximize your results in search engines, create unique and accurate page titles.  The title should contain a short description of what your site is about.  It is like the headline of a newspaper article.

As of 2014, the page title needs to be less than 70 characters in length. Anything beyond this, search engines in general will not index, cut short, and will ignore.  The page title of your home page is what shows in search engine result pages as the link to your web site.

In the example of, the page title of the indexed home page is "Used Concrete Mixer Trucks and Cement Equipment For Sale."  You can see in the search engine result page, the title appears in the first line of the result.

Ensure the page title is accurate - make sure the page title has relation to the content on that page and the meta description used on that page.  Do not fill your title with keywords.  The title should be a natural sentence that summarizes the information available on that page. 

Many sites feature the name of the site on the home page, followed by the most popular phrases which need to be indexed by search engines.  As an example of a common home page title, "Freddy's Football Cards - Buy Cards, Football News, Card Prices."

The title of the page is read and indexed not only by search engines, but users as well.  As with all web site marketing, base your search engine optimization decisions first and foremost on what's best for the visitors of your web site.

Before you begin making changes which will affect the search engine marketing campaign and optimazation of your web site and ultimately the traffic you receive, make sure you are reviewing your ratings in analytic reports and webmaster tools.  This will ensure the optomization tweaks are creating measurable improvements which can easily be reviewed over time.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gaining More Visitors to Your Web Site

Some of the stats you need to increase to gain more visitors to your site include raising the number of search engine indexes, social engagements, and search engine backlinks.

Search engine indexes
You should have a high number of search engine indexes.  This means a high number of Google indexed pages, Yahoo indexed pages, Bing indexed pages, etc.

Social engagements
High number of facebook shares, twitter counts (tweets), digg stories, reddit stories, etc.

Search engine Backlinks
You need several backlinks from Google, Bing, Alexa, and other sites.

In Addition
Ensure your web site is w3c compliant and meets web standards.  This will enable search engine bots to readily access and index the content available on your site.