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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Prelude in E Minor - Chopin

Prelude in E Minor for Piano, Op. 28, No. 4 (1839), by Frederic Chopin

A quintessential miniature classical brood.  Dissonance and agitation abound in this prelude.  This is Dracula's or trampula's theme song.  Most of the long notes are accompanied by a different dissonant chord below; which causes a continued change in color as the singular long note in prominence is held above.  Small movements of the left hand cause a striking sentiment.  The espressivo - expected fast rhythm, sad melody, and acceleration are further filled with expectancy of resolve by brief pauses throughout the piece. Tension is finally released in the three solemn chords of the closing cadence. 

It's like an E-minor mine car ride, spiraling out of control sitting on questionable tracks.  The quickening 'dunk dunk' of the railroad ties assisting the acceleration of the duple meter into the depths of the unknown.  The miner finds himself trying to find the e-brake, but it is preluded.

Freddy was in a serious mood in writing this tune.  One cannot listen to the prelude without feeling the intensity of emotion behind the piece. It is short, dialing in at around 2 minutes, yet full of possibilities for interpretation.