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Friday, January 3, 2014

How to install and configure Adobe PDF iFilter 9 for SharePoint 2010

How to install and configure Adobe PDF iFilter 9 for SharePoint 2010

If you're following the knowledge base guide on the microsoft support site, you will notice it leaves off a few details.

In a multi server farm, the Adobe iFilter 9 64-bit software is installed only on the server hosting indexing services.  For example, if you have a 3 server farm with one application server, and 2 web front ends, the application server will most likely be hosting the search, indexing, and crawling services. 

To verify where the indexing service is hosted, got to Central Administration > Search Service Application: Search Administration. You can get here from Central Administration by clicking > Application Management > Manage Service Applications > Search Service Application.  In the main content area, scroll to the bottom to the section with the heading "Search Application Topology".  In this section you can view the server name which is hosting the search application administration component, crawl component, and index partition query component.

Step #2, #6, #7 to #12 should be completed on the server(s) hosting the index service and not on any web front ends.

Step #3, #4 are completed on all web front ends and do not need to be completed on the server hosting the index service.  These steps relate to creating and registering the pdf icon for rendering in search result pages which is served through web front ends.

Most other steps will be completed in Central Administrator directly.


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  3. I've installed Adobe ifilter v9 and setup the icon for the pdf file type. What else do I need to do to get the search to work with it?